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If there are some photographies that turn out funny to realise and to compose are the photographies of children. If you look for a photographer of children in because you want to make a session of infantile photography in for your sins, here you will find all the information who you need. We are photographers of children and in this page we will tell all the details you so that you can prepare you session and thus to secure the best photos to it.

Infantile photography

As photographers of children in we are convinced that there is nothing in this world that equals, in force and spontaneity, to the smile of the children. If you are a father or a mother certainly you know than we spoke. And you will understand when tenth that only the children usually have those so genuine expressions and gestures that, as photographers and experts in poses we identified and we tried to immortalize, those infantile gestures we thank for them because when a boy only smiles we are safe of a thing: the photography, that photography, will be everything a success.
That is the tuna of the childhood, the children, unlike the adults, do not need much work pre-production for turns well in the photos. Only it is enough to them with being and being, indeed: children, to waste innocence, to captivate us to all and ready. Now, that stage of life happens, happens very fast and for that reason always it is good for taking one from those wonderful moments of the childhood of our son and for keeping it, for hoarding it, for always. For that reason we like the infantile photography and for that reason we recommended all the parents who do sessions to them to their children. Because a day they will be majors and all those gestures, genuine and innocent, they will have gone away. To have these memories does not have quantitative value because us they can return to resurge these feelings towards them after being able to review the photos again.
Clearly, also we must say that those photos, where the children are the only protagonists, are everything a challenge and agrees to be armed of patience, of playful spirit and of a few own tools of the office of the photographer to obtain that you sin them they relax and they are let photograph. It is that they are active creatures, of playfulness and cheers that never they stop. Although sometimes it happens, per moments, the opposite and a little intimidated feel before the lens, the lights and the other equipment and is called on to do of companion of games by awhile until they enter confidence, loosen and do what better they know to make the children: to smile.
If you want a session of infantile photography for your children, grandsons, nephews or godsons, next, we respond some of the questions that frequently usually do the parents, grandparents, uncles and godfathers to us interested in contracting a session of photography for children in .

Infantile photography in : frequent doubts

Here you will find answers to questions that more repeats parents interested in the session of photography infantile, in case you have a restlessness that you do not see resolute in this page, feels to you frees to contact to us without no commitment and we will respond to you shortly.

Are photographers specialized in infantile photography?

Yes, the infantile photography is one of the so many areas of the professional photography in which we specialized. The aesthetic and artistic possibilities of the photography of children are enormous and it enchants to us to explore that infinite and funny world. We must say that we are artists of the photography, but always worked starting off of the ideas of the parents. Although, we must say that when is infantile photography sometimes is better to improvise.   
For that reason, if you have a specific idea for the session of photos of your boy the let to know how to us to have it in account very. If you do not have any idea for the session, we also will advise to you and together we will find a concept that goes perfect with the personality and energy of your sins. The same we remembered sometimes to you that in some cases these, with their spontaneity, make that the session goes by another way and, that way that they choose is the best one.

They make photographies to children of what ages?

We work with children of all the ages.

How do why do the children let themselves portray?

This is one of the questions that more to us usually do, the answer is long, but we can summarize saying it that it is a mixture of experience, office and psychology. The key to make photographies of children is to leave its space them and, from there, to begin to portray. We did not force the things because soon note in the photos. The infantile photography is not characterized to have firm models as statues with the fixed glance in the camera. The most beautiful photos, arise, since we have shelp before, from the personality of each boy: some more wicked, calmer, but young others to the aim.

What I must do if during the session the boy does not cooperate?

We must remember that, one is children, and who still in somewhat complicated situations even usually conserve that special grace that characterizes them and in many occasions, thus, usually become some memorable photos. The idea is that, as adults, we are patient and we look for, without forcing the situation, that the boy feels comfortable before the camera and that enjoys the experience.

Where they make the session of photos of children?

We have our study equipped yet the necessary thing to make sessions of professional photography: photographic lights, reflectors, screens, bottoms with different reasons and designs (between which designs are included that go perfect for the infantile photography). But also we can make the photos in any place or lease that the parents choose:

In the case that wants that the photographies become outside the study everything what they must do it is to inform to us ahead of time to prepare the equipment and to transfer to us. The infantile photography is lent to use funny leases. If you want that the photos become in the outside, but not yet you are decided by no specific place we we can help you with ideas of leases in where they would be the photographies of your boy very well. We know the best places the locality to make infantile photography.  

How I have to prepare to a boy for the session of photos?

We always recommended that they try that, before the session of photos, the boy does not have to participate in other activities that they require of great investments of energy, we spoke of: long tennis match, soccers match or trip. It happens that, after those activities, the children usually are a little tired and soon that note at the time of taking the photos. What we want is that in the photographies can be noticed the energetic thing that are.
Also the previous night is recommended a good dream, not only for kids but also for all the family. Thus, during the session all will be with the loaded batteries, relaxed, enjoying the moment, as it must be. Assure you that you sin them have taken a good afternoon snack before arriving at the study or the chosen lease.

How I have to dress sins for the session of photos?

You can dress your children as you like. The important thing is that it is clothes with which the children feel comfortable. Some parents take some change of clothes. Even we have done some session where the boy went with the uniform of his equipment favorite, with clothes of some sport that practices or dressed in the suit of his favorite superhero.

The parents also we can leave in the photographies?

Absolutely, the parents, brothers, uncles or grandparents can also leave in the photographies. That yes, at the time of reserving the session please informs who will be portrayed next to the boy.

If I am going to be photographed next to my son what clothes I must take for the session?

The clothes that you want and with that you feel more comfortable. If you have doubts or you want ideas, we can advise to you if you like, because the objective is that as much the models, that is to say you and your children, see or together and that in addition the chosen colors help them to emphasize in the photography with respect to the bottom or atmosphere.

I can take some toy for the session?

Yes, you can, is even recommendable because the children are more relaxed when they are near its favorite toy. Often the toys also participate in the sessions and the photos are very well. Sometimes instead of bringing a toy the children bring some of their favorite books, a mantita, a ball, a musical instrument or some comic, is fantastic because that gives the opportunity us to portray the boy and so it likes more. We also have toys and other elements to make photos of children in the study.

How long last do the sessions of infantile photos?

The sessions of photos of children have certain particularitities: sometimes the children are anxious or very timid and they take his time before being ready for the photos. We always dealed with which the sessions last maximum one hour. But sometimes usually they only extend a little for the reasons that we commented at the outset.

At what time they recommend to make the session of photos?

The morning always is perfect to work with children: relaxed, they are rested and fresh. But any hour of the day comes well to make infantile photography if they are photos in the study. When photos in the outside become, according to the place and the season, the ideal hour can vary. If they are photos outdoors always we will look for the balance, that is to say we will choose a little while of the day that is perfect by questions of luminosity and atmosphere and that comes well to work with the children.

They make sessions of photos to children in Christmas?

Yes, we make sessions of photos to children during all the seasons, even in Christmas.

What happens if my boy feels bad or he is ill the day of the session?

In that case ponte in touch with us the sooner and we spoke to change dates.


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