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You don't know where to make photos of card?
In our study we realised card photos, photos of national identity document, photos for the driver's license or permission of circulation and any photography of this type.

Photos of card

The card photos are some photos that must be made following certain considerations and norms, always taking care of the quality of the final result, because those images will accompany to you for a long time, or is in your national identity document or any other type of accreditation or document. If you want to do some to you good photos card in in this page we told everything you what you must know and consider.

The photos card, necessary and important

With the card photos it passes something very peculiar: the majority of the people usually does them with haste, with much urgency. That haste causes that the result is not the best one. For that reason many feel a little shame at the time of showing their national identity document, passport or any other type of accreditation. It is that, who ignore the importance of the photo card have not thought that this is the image which more usually we show to them the strangers.
For that reason in our study of photography in usually we work this type of photos rendering all the retail attention, because we know that these photos not only are a proceeding, a simple requirement, are photographies that will become partly important of your public image. Before mentioning all the considerations that we consider in our study to obtain some card photos of first and to share some advice who will help to secure some photos you card of which you will feel proud, we want to begin with that many do not know:

What is a card photo?

A photo card is a type of photography that is characterized by its reduced dimensions and because they show the face of the subject looking front at the camera. These images have the intention to serve as identification, for that reason in a photo card all the elements are excluded that can distract the attention or to distort the characteristics of the subject. In many cases the card photos are taken following the directions from the authorities or certain organisms and institutions.

Uses and applications

We already know that the main aim of a card photo is to serve as a mechanism to facilitate the identification of a person, generally are associated with the national identity document, for that reason it is also called national identity document photos to them, but they also are used in:

Therefore, this type of photography has different names based on the document type to which this directed, thus we have photos of passport, photos TIE, photos of national identity document,€¦ all these models of photography we realised them in our study in , under the engineering specifications required by the organ applicant and which we will see in the following point.

Characteristics of a card photo

The characteristics of these photos vary to fulfill the norms of the organism or the institution that asks for them. For example, the card photography that is used in the Spanish national identity document must be in color, have vertical direction, with white and flat bottom and measure thirty-two millimeters of stop by twenty-six millimeters in width. In addition, the subject must completely be recognizable. In order to obtain that the face of the person does not undergo any type of deformation in the image, as professional photographers we always consider certain technical questions that they help to always secure a result us of first. But also we have some recommendations for the people who want to become a good photography of card in .

Advice before renewing a card photo

In our photographic study in we have made infinities of photos of type card, for that reason we can advise to you with property so that in your next photos of card you appear the best way and you are not shamed at the time of showing to him to your national identity document or passport your relatives and friendly.

Advice to consider at the time of taking the photo you card

With the advice who we shared with you in the previous section you will be preparation to renew your photo of card in our study in , but also there are other considerations that you can consider to improve the results of your photo.


If you need some photos card in or look for photography studies where to make your photos of national identity document or passport, in Photographers we will realise them to you with a professional equipment with objectives that allow little depth of field, thus we will be able to emphasize your face in first plane and the rest with a very beautiful defocusing. We will do several photos to you and you will be able to choose the one that you like more, you wraths of the study with the photos that you needed for your card and in addition we will give some more you so that you keep it from memory. In addition, the card photos are cheap and fast if we compared them with a session of photos.


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