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If you want to sell any type of product or merchandise you must make sure that your potential clients know the article before buying it and this is obtained with a good product photography realised by professional photographers. All know the old expression: an image is worth more than thousand words and with our service of product photography in we will cause that your products speak in case single and communicate their advantages and benefits.
In the last years, in our study of product photography, the demand of product photographies has been increased of exponential form, the reasons we will tell them to you in this page. But we can begin saying that much people nowadays look for professional photographies for her articles because it is the best form to approach the product the client. Back they were the days where the products announced with drawings, diagrams or photos realised with a mobile that did not pass on with fidelity, the quality, the approach and the depth of field that can realise an experienced study in accompanied product photography, in addition, of boxes of light and professional cameras of great sensors that pick up with fidelity each detail of the product to photograph.
Great commercial and/or the selling ones know that a good photography can mark the difference between selling and not selling. For that reason they bet by vibrant product images that, in addition, are ready to be used in catalogues, printed publications, social networks and pages Webs. In addition, the clients at present are more demanding: they want to know it everything on the product in the smaller possible time and a good product photography is the best form to present that information to him that they look for.

Product photographer in

To obtain a professional product photographer, in theory, would not have to be a complicated task, now everything changes if what you look for he is a professional product photographer who is near you. For that reason, in our study of photography in , we offer this service: we avoided the transfer and the annoyances to you that represent to have to move several kilometers with good part of your stock of merchandise, only for a session of photos.
Clearly, that is not a session of photographies anyone. As specialistic photographers we can say that one of the demanded and demanding photographic sessions more is those that become to products, Why? Because when they are photographed products look for to pass on:

And to capture those two qualities of the merchandise that are photographed technical knowledge that they are much, in certain aspects are due to have some, of the work that becomes in the photography of people. We must say that: there are few specialists in this area that, in addition to handling, the technical resources of the office have the commercial experience selling their own products and that allow them to know what wants the market and the clients. We know each facet the cycle of purchase/sale: the one of the commercial one, the one of the client and the one of the product photographer that works of bridge between salesman and buyer.  

Photographic product study

A study of product photography is not a study anyone, often professional that is dedicated to the photography of people do not have the slight knowledge necessary to photograph an object, is a totally different photography. In order to capture best a product or object they are required, in addition to the knowledge of the psychology of purchase and the domain of the photographic technical aspects, a series of elements that help to secure the wished result.
Something that happens every day in our profession is that: we faced products very different physical characteristics. We speak of:

But also we spoke of other qualities, as the perishable character that have certain products, for example: the feeding product hamburgers, ice creams and all type. Those products require an additional work of planning and pre-production important to assure that the photography shows the product in conditions and that this is desirable or tempting according to is the case.
It is important to indicate that each situation requires of a different treatment. We use a lens different according to the qualities and own characteristics from the element that is going away to photograph. He is not the same to photograph a jewel that a pair of boots. But in addition to the lens it is needed, according to the particular case:

That without counting all the elements that make possible each photography, but that the spectator does not perceive them of conscious form in the final image. In addition to the typical work of post production of these sessions that consists of a complete edition where they are corrected: imperfections, optimize the colors, all in order to obtain some images that effectively communicate kindness of your product.

What you must consider before contracting a session of product photographies

In case you have some restlessness related to the product photographies, in this section you will find the answers to the frequent questions that usually do our clients to us. If also you have a question you do not doubt in consulting without commitment using our form to us, we will respond to you shortly.

In what case they think that the product photographies are necessary?

The product photographies are essential for all those businessmen, brands and entrepreneurs who want to sell their merchandise of form online or using some traditional publication type as catalogues, pamphlets or announcements in newspapers and magazines.
Also they are needed in those cases where samples of products in warnings, marquees or menus of restaurants are required. We recommended the professional photographies of products to all those people whom they look for to position commercially his products.

Which is the difference that there is between the photos that I can do to them to products with my mobile and the photographies that you do?

Doubt that does not fit the mobiles of last generation incorporate some quite powerful cameras that, in addition, come with a series of filters and edition tools that allow any person to make photos just by press a button. But the photography is much more that. One is a science and, when one is to sell, the difference between some photos done with mobile and some professional photos note. First in perceiving the difference they are the buying potentials.
Where it is the difference at home enters the done photos products with a mobile and the done photos a study by a professional? In the quality of the image and a series of shades. The consumers know (thanks to the social publicity on TV, magazines and networks) how the professional photos are seen, although cannot explain it. Also they know when a photo is taken with a mobile and, when this happens, can offer some resistance to buy, Why?
Because they can think: €œthis brand, this company He will be reliable€ or €œI can be calm when buying to a brand that does not worry in investing in some professional photos for its products€
All those restlessness make the rounds in the head of the prospectuses before buying. Objections of the buyer are called and are normal and unconscious. Although sometimes these objections yes are pronounced aloud. All in some point, and now more with the boom of ecommerce and the purchases online, we have listened to some friend or colleague say: €œit was going to buy such thing, but the photos that I saw did not finish convincing to me. If the photos are thus imagines the real product to you€.
There it is the difference between some photos amateur and some professional photos. The professional photographies demolish all the objections and cause that the prospectus continues advancing in the way of the buyer.

I can suggest how I want that the photos of my products are seen?

Yes, in fact we will ask to you that you tell us what ideas you have, and, of being possible, you share with us a sketch or some examples to orient to us always and to cause that the result is as you have requested it. Clearly, also we will make suggestions and give our professional opinion you, all in order to obtain the best possible result.

So large What must have the images of my products?

A unique size does not exist that it serves for all the cases and applications. The perfect size of your product photography will depend than you need more concretely or the format or the support where you will use your images.
We were in charge to give the photos in the best resolution so that soon they can be used in average forms, as much for catalogues, posters or diptyches and, in addition, are also useful for stores online or any platform of ecommerce, your own Web and in the social networks. But you need a resolution or specific size, you can inform to us into the requirements of your project and we will be in charge to equip to the images with that format.

With what product type they work?

We work product type yet.

They make photography of meals and drinks?

Yes, we also worked with meals and drinks.

My products are foods I have to be in the session of photos?

Foods exist and drinks, as it is the case of packagings, processings and canning, that they do not require of the presence of the client, we were in charge of all the work of pre-production. However, if you are a chef or the one in charge of a restaurant and want to show to your plates and cooking creations, in that case it is necessary that you take to ready plates and some implements so that together we prepare everything before the photographic product session. Also we could be moved to your business to be able to realise photographies that would be impossible in the study, for example: photos of plates in the own kitchen, product photos during packing processes or manufacture, photos to heavy machinery, to put some examples.

I cannot move I can send my products by email to them?

Yes, you can send products by email to us.

What happens if my product requires complex assembling or to follow certain specific instructions to mount it before making the photographies?

In that case we will ask to you that you send the instructions to us and will be in communication with you to obtain perfect assembling of the product. Although sometimes the best thing is to be with a technician who knows the product.

My products are not easy to transfer They can come company and take the photos from products?

We can move, but we needed you ahead of time indicate the characteristics to us of the product and the conditions of illumination of the place, thus we can prepare the equipment that better results it will give us.

What types basic offer for the photographies?

The product photography usually works with neutral bottoms:

In the case of the white bottoms one works:

I can choose the basic type that I want in the photos of my product?

Some clients ask for, and send a special bottom for their product photos and we can use the one that the client solicits without problems. We usually work with flat bottoms and if the client requires it we can prepare a special file who will allow your designer, to webmaster or community manager to make the change of basic color of simple form, so that he can adapt it to the color of the design of the Web or platform where they will publish the photos.

Why they publish the photographies?

We publish the photos to eliminate certain minimum imperfections that he can have the image and equip them with the suitable illumination. The edition that we applied at all does not alter to the properties and characteristics of your product, on the contrary: it emphasizes them. For example, in a photography of a jewel we can harness the brightness, resists and the clearness thanks to this type of post-production. With this we increased desire of purchase since the photography of the product causes that it is even better than is in fact.

Does the product photography guarantee more sales to me?

The final sale of a product depends on many factors. The professional product photography can help to increase the conversions and to position your brand or product, but it is not guarantee of sales. That yes, is easier to sell when a business counts on a work of professional photography of its product or stock.

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