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Photographic news article of falleras

As photographers of falleras we cannot hope at that every year arrives March to capture those that, as Valencian lovers of the tradition and loving photographers of the evocative images, we considered that they are the most beautiful photos related to the regional traditions. It can sound something exaggerated, but the falleros and falleras know than we spoke, and to them and the people who want to remember the enchantment, the elegance, colorful and the pure-blooded character of the Falles, all the information of this page is sent.
If you are fallera or fallero and you want to keep some beautiful memories from study during the celebrations or at another time from the year our study specialized in Valencian traditional photography will be able to realise it and thus to guarantee book of fallera that you deserve yourself. Next, we informed to you on the photography of falleras in our study.

Photographic news article of fallera

We must begin saying that we are a professional study of with a deep respect by our customs. Tenth that because it is a detail of extreme importance when it is to make photographic news articles of falleras in our study, as much of falleras as falleros and all the ages and also with the family and the children, or with your drinks fallero or fallera. The knowledge of the tradition and all the details of the celebration are what common and current photos of fault and some mark to the difference between some photographies of faults that emphasize, move and that soon you will want to show relatives and friendly every time to him.
Clear that, in addition to the knowledge related to the celebration, to capture some worthy images of a greater fallera, are needed certain technical knowledge, that is to say: the handling of the light, the speed of clogging and other details that, for the majority can sound somewhat boring. The preparation of the study excites so much to us (the lenses for the picture, the camera and the equipment that we will use to take the photos during the fotorreportaje) as a fallera it excites to him to choose his Valencian clothes, from the dresses to the canvas shoes. And for that reason we took pains in immortalizing each detail and to harness it to elevate the photography to the explaining major, so that therefore the images that we capture are of anthology.  

Falleras photographer Majors

During the month of March we make several types of news articles related to the celebrations of San Jos©.

The news article form that we more like to work is the study photography that, in addition, is where we can more control in detail, the light, the bottoms,€¦ the result is an impeccable photography.
Another type of photography very demanded is the fallero contract of event during the faults, where the greater fallera us contract for all events, therefore we became its companions and there where he is the fallera we are going to capture the best memories in photographies than they will be for the posterity. Some of these events that we can emphasize of our work as photographers of falleras are that we followed the itinerary of the celebrations where contract will participate the fallera greater than us. Thus we can make photos in:

How work does a photographer falleras?

Something that characterizes to us as photographers of falleras are the aesthetic one of our photographies. In our study all the details are well-taken care of to the millimeter: the color, the shades, the use of the light (we worked with artificial lighting and that so characteristic natural light that it does in in the spring and that helps us to obtain some unique images that emphasize). Also we realised photos in exteriors, as fallera in the gardens of Monforte, the City of Sciences, the gardens of Breeding grounds, and many sites more where it will be an unforgettable memory.
We follow that tradition to cause that each image remembers to the pictures of our better costumbrist painters as:

For that reason the photographies that we took have an artistic value that is perceived and pleased. They are very beautiful photos that cannot stop being observed

What I must do if I want that you are my official photographers during the faults?

If you want that we are only in charge of your photographies during the celebration of the faults you must put to you with us in touch. When one is falleras majors always we are thankful reserve with the greater possible anticipation because, since we make photographic news articles in all the activities, we have limited places.

If I have an idea for some photos of fallera I can suggest it or they only work with own ideas?

We always listened to the ideas of our clients then our work is to obtain the photographies that have in their head the people whom they engage to us. For that reason if you have an idea for some special photographies you can tell us and enchanted we will be in charge to materialize them.

I can do photos to me of fallera with my boy at another time of the year?

Clear that yes, in our study we will acclimate bottoms and spaces so that you can put and thus to remove some photos that you could not do to you in March or which you want to anticipate. It remembers that, if arises some unforeseen circumstance you will be able at any time to agendar your book of fallera photos.

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