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Perhaps there is another stage in the life of a woman who surpasses in emotive nature, meaning and importance, to the pregnancy? For that reason book of photos for pregnant women is a perfect form to keep the memories from that wonderful period. The best thing is than you do not have to transfer you to another locality, because we make photographic news articles of pregnant in . We are a specialized study of professional photography in sessions of photos of pregnancy in . If you want to know more about the sessions and how you can contract a photographer of pregnancy in continues reading, in this page you will find all the details.

Session of pregnancy photos: the best way to hoard the memories

The people are many who ask to us how that of the session of pregnancy photos goes. On the matter much interest, much curiosity exists. She is that, not only women approach our study, many men also write asking the details to us of these sessions of special photos for pregnant women. Generally they are future parents, futures grandparents or futures uncles those that approach to ask for a session to give.  For that reason we have decided to respond all those restlessness and to explain a little how it is the dynamics of work in our study when we make photos to pregnant women.
Before continuing more with the aspects related to the office we must say that the sessions of pregnancy photos are most touching to realise. There is no way to describe to the expressions of satisfaction and joy that the future mothers and futures parents do when, after the session, we gave finally his book to them with photos of the pregnancy. There is happiness, illusion, hope. Many emotions and much feeling.
it enchants to us to be contributor of the experience. That yes, supposes an important technical effort, but in the study we counted the necessary thing yet so that the session of Marche photos on wheels and the future mothers does not have to worry don't mention it. If you are a future mother who wants to become some photos of pregnant in , but before wants to know how it will be the experience continues reading.

Photo study of pregnant: the place where it happens the magic

The study is the most important piece so that the session of pregnancy photos is everything a success. Many future mothers think that the study is a cold place and impersonal in whom lights pile of reflectors will be with a ten and for that reason, then, before the session a little uncertain feel. But that is not as well as some imagine it. In fact, in the study we took care of all the details, that is to say:

Clarified the point related to the study of photos that is used to make sessions of pregnancy, in the following section we respond the most frequent doubts related to this type of photographic news article.

They make photos of pregnancy in pair?

Yes, we make photographies of pregnancy in pair. In fact in the session the people can participate who you want. They participate almost always:

But the truth is that there are no limits. That yes, is recommendable that you warn ahead of time who will participate in the session to make the respective adjustments in the study: it is by an equipment and space question. Although several people can participate, is important to remember all along that the idea of these sessions is that the mother is the authentic protagonist. And we do not want that book of pregnant special photography of is weakened. Clearly, if you want something special and different we spoke it, you decide.

I can go with some companion the day of the session?

Yes, you can go to the study with a companion. In fact it is very recommendable because the pair, some relative or friend sometimes helps the future mothers to stay relaxed during all the session.
Clearly, although the study counts on sufficient space, we always tried to maintain the amount of personnel to the minimum so that the atmosphere is intimate and calm. The tranquillity and the privacy are part important of these photographies and the reduced personnel help to create that atmosphere.

Be done at home can photos of pregnant?

Perfectly, these photos can become in your house without problems. In that case it would be necessary that, when you reserve your session ahead of time, you tell us that you want we make the photos in your house. Thus we were in charge to prepare all the necessary equipment for that day. The pregnant photos of at home have that extra of privacy and spontaneity that is only obtained in the home. In addition with the equipment (lights, screens, reflectors) we will make that all the details as the illumination is perfect.

Become can photos of pregnancy in the outside?

Yes, we can make your photos of pregnancy in the lease that you want. The indispensable requirement is the same that we asked when it is photographies at home: to reserve ahead of time and to inform that you want the photos in exteriors, to prepare all the equipment.
It is important that us DES details of how is the lease: in order to take the necessary thing. It is that all the spaces in outside have some characteristic that do them only and we must count on special equipment according to the situation deserves it. If the space where you want to make your photos is outdoors also you must consider the time: you will not want to make your photos by far cold or low rain.
In case you want that your photos of pregnant woman are in the outside, but not yet have needed a specific lease please tells us what is what you would like and we will take care to find the perfect lease.

How I prepare myself for the session?

Once reserved the session and decided the day everything what you must do he is to arrive at the study, to wait for us in your house or in the chosen lease and we were in charge of the rest.
Clearly, we recommended to you that you wear clothes of a single color: the clear and neutral colors work very well. We always recommended clothes with flat colors that is to say: without printings (but this is not obstacle either). If you have doubts on the clothes that you can take in your equal session we spoke it and we advised to you.
You can take changes of clothes, equal you comment to know whichever changes to us before you will become. It is that each change of clothes represents adjustments in the equipment, a different edition and other details.
Some future mothers want to be portrayed with some object or special memory, we spoke of:

You can take them. In our study also we counted on some elements with which you will want to do some photos to you.

When it is the best moment to make the photographies of maternity or photographs of pregnant women?

The best moment to make a session of pregnancy photos is during the seventh and eighth month. So you already know it, if you want to keep memories from your pregnancy: months 7 and 8 are perfect.
Some people ask to us why we considered that is the best time for the pregnancy photography: the reason is very simple, it is an aesthetic question of and comfort. In that period the belly is in a perfect point in size and forms to portray it. She is sufficiently great and round so that the photos are perfect.
After the eighth month the baby begins to descend and the form of the belly changes. Apart from which the mother no longer is so agile and she will be limited to put. For that reason it is recommended ahead of time to reserve the session of photos of the pregnancy. The best thing is to contact the first weeks to us so that soon it is not very behind schedule.

Become can photos of artistic pregnant women?

Some photos of pregnancy done by professionals always will be some artistic photos. In our study we approached each session as a unique and unique work, we worked from the home with a genuine artistic concept, always guided by your vision and pleasures. Now, if you have some idea or special concept that you want to incorporate to your session of photos you comment to us and we become position.

How much last does a session of pregnancy photos?

This is a question that usually makes the pregnant women with certain fear and is that they think that the session will be interminable, but mainly think that in some point they will feel cramps or fatigue and that will not be able to resist the time that lasts the session. The sessions last of forty-five minutes to one hour.
In addition the time to the session happens so fast that when finishes you want that it begins again. Also we must say that some future mothers request more photos to us and the happy session extends and they resist all the short while without problems.

I can be applied some product for the care of the skin in the belly before the session?

Some pregnant women usually use products for the care of the skin in the abdominal zone. If you use some cream you can apply it without problems, he is recommendable that you apply it a pair of hours before the session so that the skin absorbs the cream completely and your abdomen is humectado at the time of taking the photos.

They have some additional advice to consider before making a session of pregnancy photos?

Yes, we have some tips important that they must be taken into account before a session of photos from pregnant and we shared them with you next:

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