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Fot¡grafos is a photographic study located in the city of . We are photographers certificates and our area of action is the Valencian Community, but also we moved to another communities to realise certain events. We are specialized in creative photography of study. We realise different types from photography. From photographic news articles of study, weddings and picture to creative photography and of events. Also we realised photography for companies, of product and for stores online.

If you need a photographer in Valencian territory, then you are of congratulations then in our photographic study in we will be able to take care of to you and to materialize your ideas in photographies.
Although there are many photographers in , we distinguished ourselves because in our professional study we counted the necessary thing yet to take to end any type of session or photographic news article.

Photographic study in

In addition to being the study of professional photography more near you, also we must say that few photographers of count on a as complete study as the one who we make your available, in that you will find:  

With our facilities, equipment and experience we guaranteed the most complete and professional photographic session to you in . Your you only tell us what you look for and we do it reality.

Professional photographer in

Something that comments our clients frequently is that, after discovering our study in , no longer they must move to other zones to be able to have a session of photography of first level. Photos of quality near house. You will not find another professional photographer in that can transform your desires into images for the memory.

Photographic session

We offer to you more than a photographic news article or a photographic session in , in our creative study we offered one complete photographic experience you of first level. We specialized in:

Photography of study

The study photography is one of our specialties and is one of the services more demanded by our clients. We take advantage of the advantages that the controlled surroundings of the study offer to us (illumination, bottoms, etc.) to obtain some photographies of first. In study we looked for results optimal and, if you want to have some photographies that emphasize by their perfection, this is the best option.
The service of study photography is very asked for by professionals who want to in line give him to an image taken care of to their curricula and profiles (LinkedIn, Twitter), in addition to models, actors, make-ups artist and musicians.

Photography of pregnancy

The pregnancy is a unique experience and for that reason it deserves to be preserved for the posterity. At the time of making photographies of pregnancy in our study our priorities are:

Some pregnant women, sometimes, feel a little fear before the camera, is normal. But our work is to cause that each mother feels as at home soon to transfer all the good own emotions of the pregnancy to the photography. We capture the magic of the maternity with our camera and we turned it into memories that will last for always. More on a photographer specialized in pregnancy.

Photography newborn

Not only they are photos of new born, is everything an art, for that reason we enjoyed much next to the papas doing this type of photography.  The photography newborn allows you to hoard of unique form the memories of the first days of life of your baby.
You sin them grow fast and, those first days, usually happen in opening and closing of eyes. For that reason if you want to preserve some memories of the first moments of your sins, the best thing is to contract one of these sessions. Sessions are some that are realised in very special conditions in which they are had several elements to guarantee the comfort of new born. Sight which a photographer specialized in of new born.

Photography of babies

The photography of babies offers everything to us an infinite world of possibilities. They are of the funniest photographies to do and, although they also require great doses of patience, the results always are fantastic.
In our study we counted the necessary thing yet so that the Marche session of the best form for the baby: the authentic protagonist. Although they also can be photographed to the parents, grandparents or brothers next to sin. More on book realised by a photographer of babies.

Photography of children

The children always are brilliant before the cameras: the poses, the face expressions, the moments, everything in it are product of spontaneity and the naivete. For that reason our work, at the time of making photography of children, is to catch that spontaneous spirit, innocent and playful of each it sins and to turn it into a photography.  
There is no better form to keep a unique and beautiful memory from the children who with one of these sessions. That is what the parents say who portray to their children in our study, for that reason many of them even repeat: in order to be hoarding memories of different stages from the development of you sin them. He observes as a photographer specialized in children composes.

Product photography

If you want to sell a product, in our study we counted on all the elements necessary to obtain some images of professional quality.
When one is product photography not we left nothing at random since on the quality of the image it will depend, to a great extent, the number of sales that can have the merchandise.
Our service of product photography is directed to those businessmen or entrepreneurs who want to sell so much of traditional form (through catalogues or in physical spaces) or of form online. The first impression that will have the prospectuses on your product will be thanks to the photography, and with our work we guaranteed good a first impression to you.

Photography of interiors

If you want to sell a house or to show to the facilities of your new store or company, you will need some professional photographies interiors.
The difference between some photos done with the camera of the mobile and those that we with our equipment, experience and all the work of pre can do and post production is abysmal.
Photographies are some with a clear commercial direction or, shelp of another form: some photographies that will help you to sell your property in less time or to transmit the professionalism and the quality of the work that realise in your factory or company.

Fashionable photography

The photographies fashionable or are in study, in footbridge or in any special lease they require of:

In our study we were in charge of which all the elements necessary to obtain some photographies fashionable of first level are present always. We are photographers fashionable who we understand the fashionable photography as art and technique to the service of the image.

Photography of weddings

Special occasions require special attentions, for that reason in our study we offered a complete service of photographies of weddings to capture of the most complete form that special moment for the pairs.
As photographers of weddings, we can make photographies in the study, leases; before, during and after the ceremony, so that all the details are immortalized. We spoke with the grooms and always we left them tell us what they want to portray: the weddings are wonderful moments and are many the possibilities, almost always ask to us to capture:

Photography of communions

The first communion is a little while special for kids and their families and we were in charge to offer memories you that are around the event.   
The reasons are many for which we recommended to give a session to them of photos to those who are going to fulfill this sacrament. We speak of tradition, emotions. But also we spoke of growth. It is that the communion marks before and later: the children are become great and the first communion is a good moment to portray them before the childhood is finished.  

Photography of dogs and cats

Each session of photography for dogs and cats is an authentic adventure that is enjoyed to the maximum. All the cases are different, is that mascots there are not two equals and for that reason this service is demanded more and more.
The people want to conserve a beautiful memory of their pets and for that reason they approach our study. Our work in those cases is to cause that the dog or the kitten feels to taste in the comfortable study and with the idea that a stranger him note with a camera. This task, sometimes, is everything a challenge that we assumed by far professionalism.

Photo restoration

Many people give by lost those photos of the grandparents or of when they were young, because the time has only aggravated them. What tenth we always are that to the photographies one second life can be given them.
The restoration of old photos is everything a art-science that we carried out in our study of restoration. The best thing? That the original photography will not be taken part. All the process is developed of digital form and soon you can even have your photos recovered in hardware.
It is a long process in which each photography is put under different techniques that allow us to rejuvenate them. Our favorite part of the restoration arrives when the clients are surprised when seeing their intact memories, as the first time.

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